Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Allen-tan's Perfect Knight~

Urgh... got some mistake in this drawing.. orz so bengang with hostel thingy so I drew this instead... and Yessshuu.. Allen's knight in shining armor... Hubby-pon!! I mean Kanda-pon! X;DDD! lol Redraw this from the matel scene.


  1. Omg, reliving the Mattel period xD I always thought their first mission together was uber cute xD Kanda fell in love with his Moyashi-tan then, ne? xD

    Nyaaa, kakkoiiii~~I love your pencil work~

    I feel like such a stalker lol

  2. nyuuu~~ >w< so cool nya~~

    so this is where u put your picz first before on DA???

    Uru-chan sneaky... A_A~~
    or me playin' stupid ??