Friday, January 16, 2009

Prince Yuu-pon~ *w*

Prince Yuu Kanda-pon~ >,,<~ He's soo gorgeous and I rabu him very muchu! *killed by a jealous Allen* X3X

Drew him after I did Allen-tan~ ( I'm sure he'll attackku Allen-tan after this.. *shot* X;D ) ... porneh BaKanda... X;DD!

His uniform, I altered from the 3rd Ver. uniform~ ugh.. I miss reading Yullen fanfictions so much.. Q,.Q!! I wanna read more smut!! Q,,Q Hopefully Hoshino-sensei will get better soon and continue DGM and draw more yullen lovelove moment! <3

Nyuu..Will color it and upload it on DA soon~ orz!!!

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