Friday, January 9, 2009

Youngest Son, Aki-tan~

**Aki~ Yay~! *w*~
Added Seiran at the back just for fun. ufufu.. He really does resemble his Kaa-chan XD ahaha~ Daddy's blue eyed son? XD naah.. Kanda-pon loves his sons very much... he's er... just shy to show it~ <33
Seiran is like a 'baka' like Bakanda.. ahhaha!! X;D

1 comment:

  1. is he yaoi too like his brotheerr(s)??? pedo??? coz he's looks like Allen-tan and girly thing... or he's sassy??? >o< please nuuhh~~ Kanda-niisan and Allen-niichan son(s) must be all seme~~~ XD WTFH like their father????
    *punch by Kanda-niisan, Aki-tan and Uru-sama*