Tuesday, March 3, 2009

When the prince met his 'princess' ...

Etto.. Prince Yu-pon and the molestable 'princess' Allen-tan~ >,.> Looks like the 'princess' is having trouble with that porneh Yu-pon there.. ufufufu...
(wanna make a doujin out of this >,,> kamo... )

Un, is my style changing? XD Coz I dunno but I think it's still the same orz Still have that Kimera-sama's influnece in it..X;D and there's a mistake in the piccu.. orz

Nyuuu~ Sankyu minna~ I rabu you all~ *muah muah*

ps: er.. how to reply the comment actually? ahahah so lazy to explore it myself.. XD


  1. *NOSEBLEEDS* *DIES* If you ever make a doujin out of this...NO MATTER THE PRICE, I WILL BUY IT!! *w*

    ...Btw, my friend (turned her into uber Kanda-fangirl nyuhuhu) thinks your ototou is cute. =w=

    Ara, you can't reply Uru nee-sama. You have to start a new comment...My onee-chan says that it's not like LiveJournal..I have no idea how to use LJ though..>___>

  2. Yes yes, uru nee sama .. You gotta reply the comment by adding the comment back to the post.

    Err... my blog has a special case coz the html doesn't provide any commentbox for each post.. Har har.

  3. >3< neeh.. Uru-sama.. where's the bride style XD...
    haven't seen a good Yullen picz for a long time...