Sunday, July 12, 2009

New page n Daicon

Hello everyone~ >w<
Sorry for not updating anything till now
( tho my DA is on hiatus for a while.. orz)
This is page 2 of the prev er.. comic? XD I'm so lazy...
The seme's (Ran) hair kinda change a bit, and the uke(El)? I dunnoo 8DD~
Enjoy the crappy page~
I forgot to say:
Been reading switch ... Hal is so much like hibarin & Kanda-pon~!!
( coz I love Sakurai-sama's voice in the OVA )
& junjun's voice is so uke n cute XD

Yesterday (July 11th), I went to Daicon event ( MMU cyber )
... so... anyone who went there recognize me? XD
I just wandering around with my two bros.
huhu.. Really got nothing to do... haha

Well... I didn't take much photo coz I didn't want to..
The hall is more bigger than the old 1 ( ex-student mmu)
After that we just went straight home.. I only bought a Hibarin badge,
I wanna buy the kuroshitsuji Anthology book,
but I just spend rm150 on my art
stuffs so.. *sobs* so poor right now... huhu..
I'll try to update something on my DA ...(hopefully the rsot page)



  1. Awesome second comic page as always :3

  2. I didn't go ;_; It was way too far for me ;A; I wanted to go buy stuff~~~!! QAQ
    Urgh, next con then...>3>

    Btw I love that page. Esp the last panel, for some reason =w=

  3. The last piccu is kinda cool! xD

    rupanya awak ex-student mmu ka?