Friday, October 16, 2009


Nuuh!!! Next week gonna be our ( my classmates & I )
1st art Exhibition! orz!!
Seriously, did I change? Is my art better now?

I'm gonna cosplay at CF!
I think of ordering a Shiki Military Costume... Hmm

Ah, the Yullen piccu is just for fun XD
It was done 2-3 month ago, I guess..hehe
My final is on 29th till 09th..
Wish me LUCK! *x*!


  1. I wish you good luck! ganbatte ne! >O<

    your Art become better ;)

  2. lol I have my finals soon too....good luck for yours! <3

    after that...upload moar stuff! i wanna see! *w*

  3. uhn? Yesshu... your art ish change a lot...

    and it's become soooooo cool!!! XD Allen-tan become prettier for sure... =w=

    good luck for you finals! and the exhibition!

    I hope I could go to Malaysia on the exhibition day... >A<

  4. @Shion-tan: Arigatouuuuuuu!!!!! QwQ!!!!

    @ Shi-chan: Haiiii!!! But my drawing style has changed soo muchhh!!! QwQ!! orz <------depressed coz my bro's drawing style better than me...

    @ Mii : I'll try to make Allen-tan moar prettier than any uke LOL Kanda-pon still kakkoi thoo *q*
    Thanks Mii-chan.. the exhibition was successful~~ <3