Wednesday, December 23, 2009


My bro.... he's like a slave to us? LOL

Guhh... The cameraphone is not
very good to snap piccus...
I look weird... didn't I???? D8

Comic Fiesta 09... It was GREAT, but it was very tiring for me... I hurt my leg wearing the boots. I love my boots tho.. hehe. There are many COOL cosplayers at CF and it's kinda full of ppl! On the 1st day, I tried to find a F****** parking for about an HOUR?!!! WTF?!!! well.. my fault too coz I came late to the event.. orz Soo many stuff were sold there... but I didn't buy anything coz I was like soo pening and didn't know what to buy... but I really wanna buy some... ---- LOL regret it

met Nyun-tan and she was cosplaying a Hetalia character. X3 I regret that I didn't bring a camera along... orz||| Well.. most of the time I was tagging with her... lol.. --- remember you're not Kanda-pon at that time, okay? haha.

I went to Shi-chan's booth and she was selling her KHR stickers~ Hehe.. they're cute~ At 5 to 6 pm something, I tried to go to her booth again to buy it but she left already... orz||| Maybe I shud buy it earlier... gomen Shi-chan..! T_T Thank you so much for the stickers! I loved them! My sis want to curi 1 from me tho... =A= I'll give the other 1 to nyun-tan later, ne~ <3>

I tot Hasmie's going to come... Ei! cakap mau datang!

Nuuuh!!! New semester is going to start soon!!! orz||| --- lazy student.


  1. ooo Military Shiki!! chuuu!! <3<3
    may i ask where you ordered from?? i'm after one myself.

  2. Mwhahahaha~!! XDDD cooool!! I really loved the uniform you guys wear.. QAQ and uhmm... XD you're kinda molesting your own brother... XDDD

    wtf... 1 hour?! just for the parking thingy!! DX wow that is really tiring! :<

    oh and... kinda pening isn't? I'm not surprised! it must be really crowdy!!! DX but you didn't bought anything..??? too bad!!! D:

    and I can't come... cuz. .like... Nie-senpai just told me the day BEFORE the CF... DX if she had told me sooner, I could buy the ticket to go there... I hope I could go there next year! :3
    Nie-senpai told me that she bought a 25RM just for hetalia cookies!! XDDD lol...

    whaaa??? your sister wanna curi the sticker?? XD that's mean the sticker is lovely~~

    I wanna buy your doujins tooo!! QAQ

    okaaay!! XD good luck for the new semester Uru-neee~!! *lazy student too*

  3. Ufu, you guys look awesome! xDD LOL Kakei-nee was so bubbly when she came over xD

    Oh, I'm glad you like them! I kind of rushed them so...xDD;; The rest of the stuff I sold were either Vocaloid or Shin Megami Tensei stuff, so..KHR was the only thing I thought was appropriate to give you xD

    My ototou-kun wanted to buy your doujin! But when I went on the 2nd day to get it for him..I couldn't find it. LOL.

    Next year I'll try and do a doujin too! Definitely! Maybe a few if I could!

    Fu~But what series should I do naa? There's so many~DGM, KHR, Bakuman, Pandora Hearts..Hopefully I can figure it out soon! I don't want to rush like this year xD

    Wow, the year's almost ending! Hope you have a good year next year and...hope to see you guys at CF again! >w<

  4. Awesome cosplay ;)
    Wao! that was thoud 1h to find a parking place O__O

    I will wish you nice x-mas and good new year ;)

  5. @Prissy: I got it from ebay~ <3 You can find it from 4 different sellers ^^

    @Mii-chan: Thank you~ >//< huhu... Yesshu, so hard to find a parking when ppl coming are like sardin in a can... orz|||

    Uwahh,, too bad u didn't come.. huhu... be sure to come next year~ XD Yesshu~ The stickers are so loveleh~ X3 I still have the Dj if u want~ hehe <3

    @Shirai-tan: XDDD Souka? She got problem with the kastam ne... about the wig thingy... huhu stupid BaKastam... ## Ahaha... Yesshu, shud plan early what dj to do.. I was like finishing my own dj in about 1 month only coz I got no time in d university. Hmm.. Let's do a group cosplay next time *shot* XDD

    Yesshu! See u again at next year cf!!

    @Shion-tan: Thanks Shion-tan~ Huhuhu... it was hell to find 1 TwT!!! Merry Xmas n happeh new year to u too!!! 8D

  6. nak datang tp g langkawi pulak..