Sunday, June 13, 2010


Sorry for not updating my blog orz!! Been veeeeeeeeeeery lazy at home right now.... huhu..
I got my exam result today, thank god I got all A for my subjects~~ X3

This month and last month, I went to kinokuniya a few times
to collect my orders 8D~ YAY!!! Hmhm.. the content in
Maiden rose is very explicit ( I hope it won't be consficated by jais ) *,,* Klaus raping Taki is the best scenes.... aahahaa...
Taki is soooo beautiful~~ AND Finally a Yullen cover for DGM too~~~~
Smexy Kanda-pon there... *nosebleeds*
Tho I'm happeh with the mangas I bought,
I have become broke orz! soo poor right now ...
Oh shoot!! I need to buy CANVAS!!!! and OIL PAINTS!!! DX!!!!

I just love Chayamachi Suguro-sama's works~~ *love*

OMG~~~!! Shiki RAPED Akira in TnC vol8!! KYAHHH!!!
Finally that sadistic porneh Shiki-pon made his moves
on Akira 8;D! Feel sorry for Akira tho.. ahahha..
Shiki-pon is so sexy........ *dies*
Uwah! sorry for d crappeh piccus D: lazy to scan

AND!!! Today is SAKURAI TAKAHIRO-SAMA's BDAY!!! 8D!!! HAPPY BIRHTDAY, SAKURAI-SAMA~~!! I realllllly love his voice~~!! Along with Midorin's voice~~~ Sexy voices....*raburabu*

Jya, until next time huhu...


  1. Uaaaaah! awesome and congratz at your exam :)

    TnC is really awesome, but I still read only few pages Orz
    is at the moment to lazy to read... D:

    Anyway good luck at school and your works ;)

  2. Hi! where can i read TnC vol 8??