Saturday, April 25, 2009

DGM 186♥+Study!!!! orz!!

Allen: Yu? you're not tired? Do u wanna rest for a while? *chuus forehead*
Kanda: nn.. After I read all of these documents, moyashi..
ahahah... orz Drew this while studying for Social History tomoro...
Terlalu byk godaan kat bilik lew... QwQ
OMFG!!! DX So.. Kanda is not really 100% a human???? Only an artificial human and a tool made by the Order?! the '2nd exorcist'??! QwQ Uuuu... the scene with the chibiKanda is soo sad... *sobs* ( ughh.. I shud be studying right now.. orz ) And ughhh! WTF with the lenaBETCH with Allen?!! Can't wait to see what Allen's reaction after knowing about his hubby's secret! QwQ!! .. >w< I hope Hoshino-sama'll get well soon! Please make the next chappies full of Yullen love n no lenabetch disturbing the bakappuru together! OAO!! enough rants... orz

*goes back to study.... orz*

1 comment:

  1. Aww, Allen is so cute <3
    Yeah, I read the chapter, too and the scene was really sad with the chibiKanda, but cute x3

    Study is allways so awfull -__- I hate it also xD
    nah, Ganbatte ne, Uru-Tan! >O<