Sunday, April 26, 2009

2 more.. orz!!!

End up smexing the moya-tan coz he kept seducing the busy Kanda-pon... >,,>
Kanda: ( so cute... ) ..... tch. I can't get moyashi off my head... f****** documents...#
Allen: *sleeping* Nn.. Yu...
YESH! My kindaofhardsubjectxmpaper finally over!!! =A=!! Now..
preparing for 2 more xms.. (tho I'm just lazying around.. ) orz
So hungry right now.. and bored also.. *sigh*
Gahhh! I wanna go home n watch Mei-chan no Shitsuji!!!
So boring here!!! *sobs*
edit: I'm not satisfied with certain people who dissapointed with Hoshino-sama.
Drawing is not an easy thing! I used to hurt my hand a lot coz of drawing so much...
drawing 17/18 pages a ch in a week is really something you know, she's like awesome~
I hope people can understand the situation.. *sigh*


  1. Yeah, I also so know, how hard is to draw so much. When I draw the Valentine Doujin and coloriting in damn 3 Days my Hand was so pain, that I couldn't draw for a days. -__-'' Nah, I will always wait, for the next Chapter of Hoshino-San, it's matter how long is it :3

  2. Lulx, Kanda just can't resist no? >33
    Ah, so you noticed too? A lot of people nowadays are criticizing Hoshino-sama for changing her style and how they don't like the latest uniforms etc. But geez, they should put themselves in Hoshino-sama's shoes! It really isn't easy (quoting your entry) to draw 17/18 pages EVERY WEEK and still maintain the usual level of awesomeness, unlike some mangas.
    Ah, I talk too much...>w>
    Good luck for the exams! *huggles you* xDD