Tuesday, May 5, 2009

HBD Hibarin!! ♥ 1827 LOVE

Nyun-tan gave him that nickname lol~ XD
OMG!!! Did u know that Hibarin's bday is like a month
earlier than Kanda-pon's bday??? Kanda's on June 6th XDDD
ugh.. I failed at drawing Tsuna-tan... DX!
Enjoy the expressdrawingpiccu >A<
Yatta~ no more exams~ hurhur.. so tired of reading..
now gonna pack my things here ( is staying in dorm ) ...
Can't wait to go home~! 8D
I wanna upload more Yullen!!!
Need ps n scanner!! orz!!!
KHReborn © Amano Akira


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  2. Gah! Damn, I wanted edit the comment and the first comment I put in garbage and they say only removed. Orz~ Q_Q I only make damn troubles. *sob*

    now here the comment:

    Awww, nice that you finished the exam and I will always wait for your Yullen, Uru-Tan :3
    Also I like that draw, even I don't know KHReborn xD.

    by the way, I'm really now confuset. O_O In german Manga said, that Kanda has his B-Day on 6. august and in the official DGM Fanbook say now, that Kanda has on 6. June his B-Day. Uhm... what is now right?! ><

  3. Lulx, Hibarin xD It's a cute name!~
    A month before Kanda-pon's birthday...They're so similar in so many ways lol!!xDD They're both so smexy--*killed by the two angry ukes*

    Araaan? I think Tsuna-tan looks fine!:) Quite cute actually~<3 And, of course, Hibarin looks fuckin' AWESOME. Because you can draw semes awesome like that >D Wait, naw, you can DRAW awesome >DDD *I has speak teh truth!*

    Go home upload moar Yullen?
    I'll be waiiiittiinnngggg~~~!!8DDDD

  4. Waiiiiiiiiii.... so cute!


  5. haha this is cute! 1827 is love! Kita marathon KHReborn haritu, sangat suka Tsuna! I've uploaded one 1827 fanart in my DA too. Tgkla nanti kalo ada masa :D

  6. Waaaiiii!! Rabu 1827!!!! XDDD Weeh~ Wanna see ur 1827 piccu~ *w*!!!

    @Shion-tan: Yesshu~ June 6th is Kanda bday~ 8DD

    Waaii~!! Arigatou Shi-chan~ Iruka-chan~ *3*~
    I'll ganbarimasu! >A<