Friday, May 1, 2009

one more paper!!!! *w*

LOL so crappy XDDDDD *killed*
Piccu above was done for fun~
2 normal ocs, seme n uke~
It's a 10 minutes drawing haha~
so crappy.. orz and my handwriting is very ugleh.

Got 1 more paper to go.. and uh... kinda hard too haha.
Wish me luck~! x3

Last night I asked my sis to buy me Kera magazine
that got Kuroshitsuji fashion ( kinda ) in it~ It got poster too~
But maybe she didn't buy it.. orz

Oh yeah. I'm downloading too much yoai manga...
my eyes go *_* and O,,O reading it,
and most of the mangas' style of drawing really impressed me.
oh crap, I'm going to hell for sure..
Last night, Nyun-tan made me do a quiz about lover styles
and my result was... I'm an Eros lover! LOL
2nd was Manic lover and 3rd place was Agape lover
.... does this mean I'm a pervert?! =,,=! Blame Kanda-pon for all this!!
Lately, my body seems easy to get tired, am I sick?? D8

Un, gotta go now.


  1. Iyaaa~What are you talking abouuuut?It's awesoommmeee~~!xD (the uke looks like one of my newly made OCs for some reason lol =w= BL original manga some more!)

    One more paper to go na? Ganbatte~~!! *w*

    Araa, yaoi manga? Can you tell me some that have nice art styles? >w< Naaah, if you're going to hell for that, then hell must be full of awesome people like you xDD *sounds like such a suck-up rofl* I'm probably going there too anyway xD

    Don't worry, I'm a pervert too xD *isn't really setting a good example for people*

  2. awww, that draw is really awsome! ❤ You are the 3rd awsome drawer of my list, after Katsura Hoshino-san and Meiji Chimera-san. x3

    Aaand I wish you, good luck :3 Ganbatte ne! >O<

  3. clapy-kun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! when will your school break start?? aaa even though we rarely chat online or phone or whatever I still miss you, you know?? XD

    Bila lagi nak lepak rumah awakkkk. btw sambung lukis ni! nak tau kesudahan cerita :D

  4. @Shi-chan: Wahahaha >D there're so many BL manga out there~ >DDD 1 of my fav BLmangakas is CJMichalski~ <3 her ukes r soo cute~ >,,<~

    @ Shion-tan: Thank you, Shion-tan~!!! *hugs* Exam already over~ XD

    @ Kei: Waaa~ Dah lama start, ni sekarang nak cuti sem dah 8DD~ Sgt seronok~ hoho~ Miss u too huhu... kalau ader mase, jom jenjalan XD~
    Nyufufufu... kiter ader wat sambungan, tp sgt la cincai.... orz|||